We are your digital innovation partner

Passion is key to success and at Endare, we believe that sharing our passion is the way to our envisioned future.We’d love to talk and discover what the future holds for you and how it impacts your business. By combining this knowledge with our years of experience in the constantly evolving technology landscape, we are able to create digital solutions tailored to your needs.Mobile apps? Chatbots? Internet of things? Our passions are broad and our expertise profound. What's your passion?



Digital innovation partner

We combined our years of experience in mobile app development and our experience in new technologies into a new offering. As digital innovation partner, we strive to create tailor-made, innovative digital solutions by combining all relevant technologies.


New technologies

We did different projects with IoT, blockchain and AI.


Diversify our offering

We kept growing steadily and implemented our first chatbots.


The year of growth

All our efforts of the past years started to pay off. We ended the year with 10 FTE's and built over 50 apps.


Focus on full service enterprise mobility

We were finalist for the 'TMAB Telecom Inspirience Award' and won the 'ITM Industry Awards for Best Wireless On-Site Project' with our Google Glass project at Eosol. Furthermore, we started focussing on partnerships with Mobistar (currently Orange), Samsung and other industry leaders.


Focus on project business

We started focussing on project business and worked for the city of Ghent, bpost and others. We also established the basis of our current cross-platform technology stack and our profound experience with it.


Where it all started

Endare was founded with the help of iMinds. We launched a tablet app and sold almost 40.000 units of it. We also won the award 'De ondernemers' on AVS regional TV.

Now you know our history, but do you want to be part of our future?


A team full of passion.

Without music, life would be a mistake

- Axel -

A smiley never hurts someone

- Bart -

A surprise shot is the best shot.

- Corneel -

Travelling enlarges my world.

- Hans -

"Meow" means "woof" in cat

- Jelle -

A movie will always inspire me

- Gaetan -

Snooker is the ultimate relaxation.

- Mathias -

I like trains.

- Francisco -

What is your passion?