Technologies of Tomorrow


The mobile world is evolving at an ever increasing speed. Today, we see the emergence of wearable technologies like Google Glass, smart watches, iBeacons, smart sensors, Google Wear etc.  these new devices will not replace our smartphones or tablets but will enhance them, by offering new capabilities, such as:

Smart eyewear (Glass)

Benefits: contextual information can be displayed at any time, while keeping the wearer’s hands free.

Possible use cases: field force automation, on site repair, barcode scanning, augmented reality, law enforcement, order picking, healthcare, security, driving aids, training, museum tours… and a lot more

Smart Watches/ wristbands

Benefits: contextual information can be displayed at any time,  based on location, movement, time, agenda.

Possible use cases: healthcare, medical sensors, drop detection, mobile payments, identification, ticketing and many more


Benefits: iBeacons are essentially ‘GPS for indoors’, which allow for personalised, micro-location –based notifications and alerts, bringing online interactivity to the real world

Possible use cases: order picking, marketing, shopping, indoor navigation, authentication, remote control, emergencies, data gathering, and many more

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The Endare Advantage

We make tomorrow’s technologies a reality today

Have an idea for an app for wearable devices, beacons, Glass? need a proof of concept? We already have the competence today so we can advise you on the platform to choose and we develop, test and maintain the solution for you.  Or perhaps you already have an app, and you just want to ensure that wearable mobile device users can also benefit from it? Contact us!

Our solutions are future proof

While these devices are new territory for the general public, our team is dedicated to researching and training with all of the latest technology. This way, you can rest assured that the solutions we develop and the strategies we advise, are future proof and maximize the potential of mobile.